Simple Things

Funny, the more yoga I do, the less I have to say about it. More accurately, what comes out of my mouth and my head/heart gets simpler as my practice matures.

I am less concerned than ever about where I place my mat in class, what I’m wearing, whether or not I’ll ever do a handstand without a wall (OK, I still dream about this one), and whether home practice is better than class. I have cared deeply about every one of these, but they’re receding in the rear view mirror, if you know what I mean.

What I do contemplate now, on and off the mat, are things like this:

Open is better than closed. Open body, open mind, open heart. Not always easier, but always preferable.

Discomfort goes away when I don’t meet it with resistance. (Tight hips are one thing. “Oh my god, these hips are killing me, why won’t they let go, I’ll never be able to do a stinking King Pigeon” is resistance.)

My body knows what it wants. This is more important than any outside advice.

Pushing doesn’t work. Google Sisyphus.

Accepting what is grants me immediate freedom. All of a sudden my head is 90 percent quieter.

Judging me or anyone else is a colossal misuse of energy and erodes everything I love about myself and my life.

Courage and trust are the best companions ever. Feed them well.

Joy makes me healthy.

And as always, love wins.

Is it getting simpler for you? Or more complex? I’d love to hear.

Thanks to yoga for keeping it simple.

Thanks very much to you for the conversation.

By:  Kristin Shepherd

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